Parents Representation Program

The Parents Representation Program:  Reuniting More Families

January 2003

This audio file was funded by a grant from the Marguerite Casey Foundation (MCF).

Marguerite Casey Foundation is an independent, private foundation dedicated to improving the lives of families, youth and children.  Based in Seattle, Washington, the Foundation was created by Casey Family Programs to help expand Casey's outreach and further enhance its 37-year record of leadership in child welfare.

Marguerite Casey Foundation's goal is to strengthen communities across the United States by soliciting proposals for grants that help families become more resilient and less dependent on public systems.  They seek to accomplish this by supporting community-based leadership and promoting grassroots activism among families, parents, caregivers and youth.

Listen online to "The Parents Representation Program: Reuniting More Families"  provided in mp3 format.

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