2022 Criminal Defense Training Academy group picture

Criminal Defense Training Academy

OPD's Criminal Defense Training Academy was designed to strengthen public defenders by providing fundamental skills development in an interactive, supportive learning environment. Each year's class is comprised of attorneys from various corners of the state, most of whom have two or fewer years of public defense experience. Using a variety of educational methods, participants learn, develop, and apply client-centered defense advocacy skills. 

To graduate from the Academy, participants must attend four days of training. All class sessions include a combination of lecture and small group exercises.


2022 Graduates:

Justin J. Andrews

Norma Barajas

Marija Boise

Rebecca Dellicker

Iris Dowd

Jamie Foster

Kelsey Gasseling

Matthew Harget

Dustin Howie

Victoria Iverson

Ric Jacobs

Bridge Joyce

Peter James Kahl

Ashley C. Kulberg

Robert Lockhart

Kendra Lotstein

Russell Lytle

Saybin Medler

Shawn Morgan

Dawson Osborn

Andrew Perkins

David Phelan

Karrie Young Pratt

Jacyln Reynolds

Nicholas Saraceno

Ella Salvator

Skyler Schrader

Jamila E. Taylor

Caleb Jon. F. Vandenbox

Eli Wainman

Eleanor White

Dan Wu











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