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Sample Calculators for Measuring Caseloads Pursuant to the Supreme Court's Caseload Limits

Measuring compliance with the Supreme Court's caseload limits can be mathematically challenging when attorneys represent clients on a mixture of case types, or regularly spend time on attorney-of-the-day calendars. The Office of Public Defense has developed some sample Excel calculators for purposes of measuring caseloads. It is not required to use these caseload calculators. Rather, they are provided as an optional tool. If you would like an excel calculator for a different grouping of case types than provided in the below examples, please contact an OPD Public Defense Services Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

excel grsmall  Calculator for Mixed Criminal/Juvenile Caseloads

excel grsmall  Calculator for Mixed Caseloads including Dependencies

excel grsmall  Calculator for Misdemeanor Cases and Attorney-of-the-Day Calendar Time

excel grsmall  Calculator for Misdemeanor Case Weights and Attorney-of-the-Day Calendar Time

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