Parents Representation Program

Billing Information

Contract Parents Representation Program Attorney or Social Worker

Access the contractor portal for invoices and policies.  Contact your contract manager for login protocol. 

Expert Service Provider

Contract Parents Representation Program attorneys may request expert service funding on a case-by-case basis.  The contractor is responsible for obtaining pre-approval of funds before services are rendered.  A service provider seeking reimbursement should:

  • Be registered as a Statewide Vendor with the Washington State Office of Financial ManagementThe previous hyperlink will exit the OPD website.
  • Submit invoice directly to the attorney that requested the service.
    • The service provider is responsible for:
      • Including their statewide vendor number on the invoice.
    • The contractor is responsible for:
      • Redacting confidential information.
      • Confirming that the service has been completed.
      • Forwarding the invoice to OPD for payment.

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