Chapter 10.101 RCW County and City Public Defense Improvement Funds

RCW 10.101.050 establishes a state-funded grant program to improve public defense services in cities and counties. Grant funds are to be used to make appreciable, demonstrable improvements in the delivery of public defense services.

Application Process

OPD is currently accepting applications from counties and cities for RCW 10.101 funding. County applications will be for funding in 2024. City applications will be for funding in 2024 and 2025. Applications for Counties and Cities are due on August 25, 2023.

  • County Application for 2024 Funding Word | PDF
  • City Application for 2024-2025 Funding Word | PDF

Program Policies


City Grant Awards

County Funding

Each county that applies for Chapter 10.101 RCW funds receives a pro-rata share of available state funding, based on the formula and other criteria in RCW 10.101.070. The amounts for each county may differ from prior year funding amounts primarily due to a county's increase or decrease in felony filings. Felony filings are a significant factor in the funding distribution formula established in RCW 10.101.070The previous hyperlink exits the OPD website.