Youth Access to Counsel

The Youth Access to Counsel (YAC) Program launched in 2022 to provide youth with attorney consultations when required by RCW 13.40.740. Under the law, youth have the right to consult with an attorney during many phases of criminal investigations, including prior to custodial interrogations. The Youth Access to Counsel is a 24/7 phone consultation program that serves youth statewide.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers looking to provide an attorney consultation for a youth should contact:

Phone: 1-877-J-PUB-DEF (1-877-578-2333) or 360-252-9656.

More information on how to utilize the YAC Line is available here: Tips for Officers on How to Use the Hotline [PDF]

Youth and/or Caretakers

Youth and/or Caretakers who need to speak with an on-call attorney are now able to contact us at 1.877.J.PUB.DEF (1.877.578.2333)  and select option “2”. Attorneys are available during business hours. After business hours (Mon through Fri between 8am and 5pm), you will be routed to a voicemail and an attorney will call you back as soon as possible during business hours. If you are seeking counsel while in the presence of law enforcement, you may request that law enforcement call the YAC Line for you.


Defenders representing a youth who consulted with a YAC attorney can receive confidential call records with a release of information signed by the client. Please consider using this release of information [PDF] and return to us via email .

Program Operations Updates:

December 2023 Report [PDF]

December 2022 Report [PDF]


Clients who would like to provide feedback relating to services received by a YAC attorney should send us an email. Please include the time/date of the call, name of the YAC attorney (if known) and any comments you have regarding your experience with the service.

Phone: 360-586-3164 ext. 156

Feedback/Questions- email us.