Extraordinary Criminal Justice Costs

The Extraordinary Criminal Justice Costs Act, RCW 43.330.190 establishes a procedure for counties to request reimbursement for costs incurred in aggravated murder cases. The Washington State Office of Public Defense (OPD) processes the petitions in consultation with the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, and submits a prioritized list of petitions that are recommended for funding to the Legislature.

2023 Petition Process

State reimbursement of aggravated murder case costs is potentially available to counties. Counties wishing to request reimbursement must send completed Extraordinary Criminal Justice Costs petitions to OPD by December 4, 2023.  Supplemental petition information for November and December expenses can be submitted to OPD by January 5, 2024.  

Contact Gideon Newmark at (360) 586-3164, ext. 105 or at gideon.newmark@opd.wa.gov for questions, e-mail preferred.

Prioritized Lists and appropriations