Simple Possession Advocacy and Representation Program

The 2023 Washington State Legislature appropriated funding to us to help counties and cities provide public defense services for individuals charged under the offenses created in Second Engrossed Second Substitute Senate Bill (2E2SSB) 5536. Our Simple Possession Advocacy and Representation (SPAR) Program will administer and disburse these funds.

Applications for 2023/2024 SPAR funding were due November 27, 2023. Funding decisions have been made. If you missed the application round but are interested in funding, please reach out to us. 

The legislature limited these funds to counties with a population of 500,000 or less, or to cities with a population of 200,000 or less. Official population is the annual Population Estimate for cities/counties published each April by OFM.  

The SPAR Program also has an Attorney Trainer on staff to support training for public defenders across the state. 

For questions, please contact program staff:

  • Grace O'Connor, Supervising Attorney, SPAR Program, 360-586-3164, x.151
  • Nicole Dodge, Program Analyst, SPAR Program, 360-586-3164, x. 114
  • You can also email us at