Other Youth Defense Trainings: Prior Years

Reconsidering Decision Making in the Juvenile Court System through the Lens of our Racial History (2021)

The historical structures of racism are threaded into our courts, and examining the history of race in juvenile courts will inform decisions about young people of color whose lives are impacted both by the history of racism and by the current context of racism in our nation. The lived experiences of youth of color demonstrate that racism and bias are in the foundation of the juvenile legal system, with disastrous consequences for young people. To truly contend with the impact of structural racism on youth in courts, juvenile court judges and decisionmakers should be armed with information about how racism was implanted in the system and how structural racism thrives today, and must have opportunities to acknowledge and grapple with the American legacy of racism that continues to drive the legal system.

Juvenile Sex Offender Registration: A Failed Policy (2021)

A concise review of the research on the juvenile sex offender registration by a leading scholar from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau.  Her research shows that registration of juveniles does not accomplish the stated goals of public safety and accountability, but does result in very harmful consequences for youth on the registry.  These consequences handicap the youth in achieving a productive life by limiting educational, social and employment opportunities

A Developmental Framework for Juvenile Cases (2017)

This one-hour session addresses the impact of immaturity, disabilities, and trauma on youth facing criminal charges. The class also focuses on designing developmentally-sound rehabilitation services for each adolescent.

Collateral Consequences