How to Order Hearing Transcripts

In all cases –if a court reporter was present at the hearing to be transcribed, order the transcript from the reporter.

Most counties, however, use audio recording to capture dependency proceedings. In either case, follow the steps below:

Notice of Appeal OR Notice of Discretionary Review

  • If a court reporter was present, contact the reporter to make the arrangements for transcript preparation.
  • Otherwise, contact a transcriber from the approved county list, and submit a request to the County Clerk for the recording to be prepared and sent to the transcriber with whom you have made transcription arrangements.
  • Notice of Appeal Only- Prepare and file a Statement of Arrangements. Ensure that the transcriber or court reporter is served with the Statement of Arrangements upon filing.

Sample Form: Request for recording [DOC]

Sample Form: Statement of Arrangements [DOC]

Contact List: County Clerk Offices and Transcript Order Contact List


  • The Contact List is a summarized list. To view the complete list, view each County website.
  • General Rule 35- Official Certified Superior Court Transcripts
  • Most cost associated with ordering records in indigent appeals (from Superior Court) are paid by us. If you have any questions, please inquire before ordering the record.