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Issued:  January 25, 2019
Proposals Due:  February 8, 2019

The purpose of this RFP is to contract with a qualified vendor to customize and host a web-based application for the Office of Public Defense (OPD) Appellate Program that allows contract public defense attorneys to manage their caseloads, including calendaring, time tracking, conflicts checking, and online document storage and access, in addition to managing public defense case assignments by the appellate courts. The system must be able to automatically review the calendar information of each attorney eligible to receive a case assignment, and to assign the case to an eligible attorney who has sufficient space in their work schedules to accept it. This will require a complex statistical algorithm able to predict (based on historical data in OPD’s possession) the likelihood of a given case having a brief due during a given time window, as well as to account for other case activity such as oral argument and supplemental briefing. pdficon grsmall  View a detailed description of the project requirements.


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